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I don't sell you anything. I don't want you to buy from me. I write what I care about and what I hope is important to you. 

I write about how I feel, I share my story with you or notice what I've observed in the world and I hope to resonate with you or to perhaps say something that you've been feeling but couldn't quite put your finger on it. 


In CRAZY TALK  I let loose and say whatever I want, however I want to. If I want to say BIG BIG BOOOOO or yadda yadda or BORING OR BIG FAIRY DUST JACKETS then I will. I just write. I just write and be a bit.... crazy and weird, because aren't we all?


I respond to every reader (eventually) and enjoy the dialogue I get to have with you all that isn't in the messy auditorium of social media. 

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James x

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